Atlanta X Kivrus 3 Layer Reusable Kids Face Mask

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Viro Functional Mask is a 3 layered reusable & washable mask powered by swiss textile technology, HEIQ Viroblock-Antiviral Technology, not only shield us in our new normal life, but also act as a protective fashion apparel ready to add into your closet.


Layer 1: HeiQ Pure Enhanced Layer

  • Antimicrobial and Effective Water Repellent

Layer 2: HeiQ Virol Block Filter Layer

  • Tested Effective Against most Bacteria and Virus

Layer 3: Nano PTFE Filter Layer

  • Filtering Bacteria Up to 99%(BFE>99)
  • Particles Up to 95% (PFE>95)

Layer 4: HeiQ Smart Temp Enhanced Layer

  • Activated smart cooling technology and odor control layer


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